Friday, April 1, 2011

China Scenes: Quanzhou, Fujian

Finally made it to somewhere with a manageable Internet connection.  By middle of next week I should be back up to regular speed for posting.

Today, I'll share some photos from Quanzhou, Fujian.  Quanzhou is across the water from Taiwan and its administrative area has a population reportedly of 7-8 million.  I'd argue that some Chinese cities' administrative areas are more similar to counties in the US and that population numbers in China can be "fuzzy", but those are topics for another day.  Regardless, Quanzhou has plenty of people and here are glimpses of into some of their lives:

Shopping street

Street/Sidewalk Market


Which catches your attention more?  An iPhone 4 car?

Or a Counter-Strike car?

Families at a park

Baby bottles on poles & fish?

fish sucking food from a baby bottle
A fun way for kids to feed the fish

Two girls working at a mobile phone shop

Small lake in the city center

College student playing her violin outside to take a break

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  1. I've been to Quanzhou twice and have pretty much fallen in love with it. I've written about it twice, here: and here:'

    Finally, more photos here:

    Will keep going back!