Thursday, April 28, 2011

China Scenes: Xizhou, Yunnan

A bit under the weather today (something I ate) so back to photos of scenes in China that aren't typically portrayed in the news.  These are from Xizhou, Yunnan, a village not so far from the touristy town Dali (Xizhou is actually a part of the Dali "administrative region") and the location for this previously posted photo from a horse-cart.  Xizhou is one of many villages in the area which offer a truer glimpse into the traditional culture of the Bai people, one of many minorities that can be found across Yunnan.  However, even there you can find growing touches of Western culture, such as a basketball court.

Traditional Bai architecture

Woman cleaning vegetables in the lake

Basketball court

Street scene

Farming plots near the lake

Street market

Horse-cart transportation

Other forms of transportation

View from inside a local restaurant

Two girls and a home is in the background

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