Wednesday, March 30, 2011

More on Dairy Queen Inspirations in China

I'm currently having problems accessing the Internet freely and can only connect intermittently.  However, I am not sure that is due to a poor connection in my temporary remote location or Great Firewall issues.  I'll do a quick post while I'm connected.

Previously, I wrote about a Dairy Queen in Guiyang and its neighbor with a remarkably similar name, DU.  However, there exists another example of Dairy Queen's apparent influence in China.  See here:

Mango Queen store

I saw this Mango Queen last fall in a large central shopping district in Tianjin.  At least it may offer an alternative for those who have been to DQ, or DU, too often.


  1. I had always heard that lactose intolerance was very common in Asia? I wouldn't have expected so many Dairy Queen imitators.

    But then if 80% of a billion people don't eat much ice cream, that still leaves 200 million potential customers.

  2. Pete, I'm not an expert on lactose intolerance but I've heard from people who point out that there are various degrees of lactose intolerance and there may be more variation than previously suggested for Asians. For now, I'll just say that many milk products are regularly available in China (ice cream, yogurt, etc.) as easily seen in just about any supermarket.

    Rita, I had to give Mango Queen a pass. I did, however, try some good mango ice at another place recently.