Monday, March 28, 2011

China Scenes: Mudanjiang, Heilongjiang

I'm still working on some potential material regarding China's Great Firewall (previous post: What Google, Baidu, and Sogou Results for "Witopia" Say About China's Great Firewall).  For what it's worth, I have not been personally affected by any changes during the past week.  So far, the adjustments I'm using are holding up fine.

This next week or so I may not be able to post as regularly due to once again being in "remote" locations in China.  After that, there is much I am planning to share and it should be smoother sailing.  Though, with the Great Firewall between me and this blog one can never be sure.

For now, below are photos from yet another city in China that sees relatively few foreigners, Mudanjiang in Heilongjiang Province.  It's best known for the beautiful nature nearby, but instead I'll share some scenes from the city center to give a small taste of Mudanjiang life.

people selling items on a shopping street
Shopping district

Newer section of shopping district

food cart with Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer umbrella
Street food with an American touch

large open gate with a colorful tiled walkway through it
A gateway to a colorful Oz?

No, to a place dedicated for wedding photography

wedding bed set on a platform in a lake
Another scene for wedding photos

A crowd listening to a variety of people sing at a riverside park

Mudanjiang River

A college student with an Elmo backpack

A college couple taking a walk


  1. Thanks for giving insight on what this place looks like. It seems so remote from everything.

    1. My pleasure. It's also an easy (and scenic) train ride from Harbin.