Wednesday, March 23, 2011

"Street Farming" in Luoyang, Henan

One day while I was walking down a street in Luoyang, Henan I saw an example of what I'll call "street farming".

First, I noticed a man on the street holding a very long pole:

man aiming a long pole high into a tree

I looked closer and saw he was trying to snag some fruit:

net at end of pole about to snag some round fruit high in the tree

Once he was able to pick off a fruit his street farming partner helped take it out of the net:

And then she added it to their fruit collection:

woman adding newly collect fruit to a nearly full bag

From my experience this is not at all typical.  But maybe it isn't very different from going to the woods to collect blackberries.  Regardless, I'm happy to see the fruit isn't going to waste.  Nothing deep here other than some people in China can be very resourceful -- no matter the environment.

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