Friday, March 18, 2011

China Scenes: Villages Around Kaili, Guizhou

I'll take a break from my recent posts on the expansion of China's Great Firewall to share some photos from villages around Kaili, Guizhou.  They will help provide a sense of why I previously said I may have limited Internet access this week (in addition to any problems with the Great Firewall).

Guizhou is full of various minority cultures rich in traditions not commonly found in most places in China.  The beautiful scenery and warm people in the Kaili region make it a particularly wonderful place to explore.  Many people here have day to day concerns that are typically far more on their mind than issues such as the Great Firewall...

Bus ride to Matang

Gejia woman in Matang weaving while her husband cooked a meal

A boy in Langde who was constantly fidgeting with his pockets

Cat on a roof in Langde

Home in Langde

Basketball court with chickens in Langde

Kids walking home from school


Touristy street in Xijiang
Xijiang was the most touristy of the villages I've visited in the region so far

Rice terraces in Xijiang

Boy walking into a home in Xijiang

Xijiang rooster protecting its lady


  1. These are great! Though, the kitty looks a little pissed that you are taking his picture without permission.

  2. Thanks! I suspect the cat is more upset that I didn't have any fish. I'll have to remember to bring one next time.

  3. When I first scrolled down and noticed the tall, white shapes of the mannequins, I felt a jolt. It was like two universes collided. Do people in Kaili wear pajama pants, like that?

  4. Actually, neither I nor some Chinese friends I double-checked with believe those are pajamas, just regular clothes.

    If I see a pajamas shop I'll try to remember to take a photo. Or if I see someone wearing their pajamas on the street -- not uncommon in some parts of China.

  5. Hey, thanks for dropping by my blog and leaving a link to yours. I actually went to Matang and Langde too. Now if I could only remember which one was the village where they all make paper...

    Wonderful pics, and I'm looking forward to exploring your blog!

    Lisa (Brackmann)

  6. Thanks Lisa.

    I missed out on the village (so many to chose from) famous for making paper - Shiqiao I think.

    Kaili itself provided its own surprises to me. There were a couple of street food stands selling what are best described as tofu pizza pockets, cheese and all. I'd love to know their inspiration as I've never come across them elsewhere in China. My cousin and I devoured them.

  7. Shiqiao sounds right, Brian. I'll do some double-checking as I plan to post about that visit. Very interesting.

    As for the tofu pizza pockets, wow! Missed those. But I really did like Kaili. Super-pleasant place...