Saturday, March 5, 2011

Vietnam Scenes: Hanoi

I've already commented on Hanoi's wonderful beer, food, art and "tiger mothers" so now I'd like to share some city scenes in Hanoi.

Furniture stores

There are many narrow buildings in Hanoi.  They are a result of an old tax based on the width of buildings.


  1. I loved Vietnam, and all the food and culture that went with it. I did Hanoi-Hoi An-Hue, but I'm hoping to get back and go further south next time.

    Also interesting to learn about the tax on the width of the houses, I didn't know that. I'd wondered when we were there why they were all so narrow and tall, so now I have my answer.

  2. So far I'm following almost the same route (I also spent a day at Danang). I too won't make it to the south. So many things to see... Yes, next time.