Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Monkeys in Guiyang

In most major cities in China you are unlikely to see a monkey walking about unless you go to a zoo.  However, at Qianling Park in Guiyang, the capital city of Guizhou Province, there are numerous monkeys freely walking about doing what monkeys do best -- which according to what I saw was using various strategies to get food from other animals, aka humans, and generally monkeying around.

During my visit I saw easily over 100 monkeys.  They weren't aggressive although they liked to put on a show now and then.  When my cousin sat down on a ledge a mother monkey slipped past her from behind.  However, the baby monkey couldn't get by.  This led to my cousin being firmly pushed by the mother monkey.  Luckily, my cousin had some monkey sense and stood up.

Some photos:

Monkey sitting on a ledge
Watching the strange humans

8 monkey kids on the ground
Presumably the monkey kindergarten class

monkey kid sitting on ground
Pondering the lessons of the day

monkey kid reaching for fruit held by mother
"May I please have some fruit?"

monkey watching as mother bites into fruit

monkey kid again trying to take fruit

baby monkey eating food while sitting on a ledge
This baby monkey was lucky enough to have its own food

monkey sitting on girl's shoulders
Interesting strategy: sit on the human until they take the fruit out of their bag.  It worked

A Chinese lady who lives near the park said that occasionally they will see monkeys exploring the neighborhood.  Given the number of monkey babies I saw, I wonder if the monkey situation will soon get out of control.

For now, though, things seem manageable and entertaining.

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