Monday, March 14, 2011

Update on China's Great Firewall and Witopia

I am back in China.  I am still pulling together some information regarding my previous post on China's Great Firewall and Witopia.  Since I may not have regular internet access this week (due to mundane reasons not related to any Great Firewall events), I wanted to provide an update.

At this moment I can say: 
  • Upon my return to China, I discovered the claim that the Great Firewall had been expanded in a way that greatly interfered with at least some of Witopia's services appeared to be true.
  • Under such circumstances I was effectively "behind" the Great Firewall and could not access sites blocked in China such as Blogger.
  • I am now writing this post through Blogger's normal online interface.  I will leave it at that.
The Great Wall is still not solid.  Previously, I believed some of its holes were left knowingly and intentionally (see here for an article on the Great Firewall and it's flexibility by James Fallows).  However, with recent events I'm not sure to what degree China is now willing to allow holes in its Great Wall.  The issue could have large consequences.

More as soon as I can...

[Added note: Further update here]

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