Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Fish Heads and Upcoming Posts

Been away from the blog the past week.  I'll prove that I am still alive and full of my usual spirit by sharing a photo of a restaurant where I recently had some delicious ginger soup:

ginger soup with fish head at Huaxi Street Night Market
Restaurant employee happily posing for a photo with the ginger (and I think something else) soup

Oh yes, the soup also had a big fish head in it.

The restaurant can be found on Guangzhou Street at the Huaxi Street Night Market in Taipei.  Huaxi Street is also known as "Snake Alley" and is famous for, well, I'm sure you can guess.  If you're now wondering "What's a night market?" then fear not.  I plan to soon do a light post on night markets in Taiwan.

I also have a variety of other topics I'd like to write about.  For example, I'll comment on some signs I saw in Hong Kong which took a different approach to communicating the same message as some signs I saw in Chengdu, Sichuan province.  I think the Hong Kong signs shed more light on the challenges of creating effective symbols.  If you haven't read the Chengdu post you can find it here to see if you can guess the intended meaning of those signs.  After that, you can compare your guess to other readers and also find the answer here.

OK.  More soon of the usual -- technology, design, China, food, drinks, music, and more... 

And really, I thought the fish head complemented the ginger soup quite well.

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