Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Scenes of China: Liuzhou, Guangxi

The hair salon with the computer I highlighted in my previous post was found in Liuzhou, Guangxi (map). To provide additional context, I'll share some photos from that visit to Liuzhou last year.  As with other photo series I've posted, my intent is to provide a glimpse of the people, daily lives, and environments that can be found in specific parts of China.

Some shops not far from the salon mentioned in the previous post

Several groups of people were happy to pose for a photo on top of a mountain in Longtan Park

karst scenery behind a lake
Longtan Park is close to downtown Liuzhou and includes some beautiful karst scenery

A street in downtown Liuzhou

A view of downtown Liuzhou in the midst of smog

Urban development next to karst formations

Nearby demolition and new apartment complexes under construction in the distance

A man takes a break near a distinctive bridge over the Liu River

A popular local restaurant serving the local delicacy luosi fen (螺蛳粉)

Luosi fen is a spicy noodle soup including fresh vegetables, pickled bamboo, fried dried tofu, agaric, peanuts, and the key ingredient, a broth made from river snails.  This local specialty cost significantly less than US $1.

An extensive underground shopping area

A roller blading class of kids showing their skills on a popular pedestrian shopping street

A promotion outside of a Nokia store on the pedestrian shopping street

Young lady busy on her mobile phone

Two men playing the popular Chinese game Xiangqi in Liuhou Park

A young couple at Liuhou Park

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