Wednesday, November 30, 2011

More Clues for "Thanksgiving in China"

In my previous post, I asked if anyone could figure out where I spent my Thanksgiving based on a photo of the city. Nobody has yet responded with the correct answer, but there have been requests for more clues before I reveal the answer.

So, here are two more photos:

Despite the very different scenery from the previous photo, the locations in the three photos are all within walking distance of each other. The above photos should provide some help since they include the city's most famous (and very central) lake and at least one feature that is rather noticeable in a detailed satellite view.

No hints for which province. Though, there is a clue in the above photos that can rule out a number of regions.

I'll wait a couple more days to see if anyone can now figure it out.  Other posts are on the way.

Added note: Answer here.


  1. I dropped your pictures in the Google Image search box.

    Going by the first result of visually similar images, the first picture is from the Rio de La Plata, which is the border between Argentina and Uruguay. The second picture is of Nantes, France.

    I suspect I and Google Images are wrong.

  2. I figured some would try that method. You are correct in suspecting that it doesn't work in this case.

    It raises some interesting issues about Google's "search by image". Maybe another day...

  3. That's called Westlake (the statistical odds are good here), but I can't recall the province.

    And my half prize is???

    I hope you're not pulling a fast one, Brian. Looks suspiciously like Lake Koan Diem Hanoi to me with that thingy in the middle.

  4. You're correct. I was careful not to make this "name that lake" for the reason you note. You'll have to keep trying.

    No fast ones here.

  5. I'm ready and packed for my prize, being a holiday in the Carribean eg sunscreen, cool new board shorts etc.