Wednesday, February 1, 2012

My Brief Afternoon Break in Guangzhou

A post following up on the story about Xiaoxin's special first payday in Shanghai is on the way. Before that, I'd like to share in this light post a few photos I took while taking a brief break this afternoon following a late lunch in Guangzhou.

Where I ate lunch was near a large park, and I decided to take a stroll through it. In one section of the park I stumbled upon this performance of a piece in a Chinese opera:

performance of Chinese opera in Guangzhou, China

A small crowd had gathered to watch the performance:

crowd watching performance of Chinese opera in Guangzhou

As suggested by the lady with a camera in the photograph, performances of Chinese classical music are not a very typical part of many people's lives in China today. However, informal performances aren't uncommon in many of the parks I've seen. Fortunately I was able to catch this one which was a little more elaborate than most I've seen.

On the way back from the park I took a shortcut down this alley:

alley in Guangzhou, China

And briefly met this little girl who seemed surprised to see me there:

little girl holding a small container of trash in Guangzhou, China

She was taking out the trash from her family's small store  -- evidence that little helpers are universal. In this case, that meant dumping the trash on the side of the alley.

That's all. Again, more about Xiaoxin soon.

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