Sunday, February 12, 2012

Store Cats in Guangzhou, China

It seems like some readers have a strong desire for cat photos. So, for this weekend post I'll share several photos of cats I've recently seen at various small stores in Guangzhou, Guangdong province (cheesy captions added at no additional charge):

This cat is skeptical that you really know what you want to order...

cat in China appearing to look down at items on the ground
but still willing to see if it's in stock.

cat with bottled and canned drinks in the background
Only serves drinks

kitten on a leash in China
Being a kitten doesn't absolve one from work...

mushrooms and herbs for traditional Chinese medicines
at a shop for traditional Chinese medicines.

cat meowing in China
This cat was at a small convenience store but...

was more interested in getting attention then selling anything.

cat sitting near a wheel of a cart outside
Not at a shop but possibly playing hooky

Five cats is enough, right? If not, you can see some cats in Sichuan province.

Cats don't appear to be as common of a pet in China as in the U.S, and I've noticed that people who do have cats often don't interact with them as closely as commonly seen in the U.S. The friendliest cat above was certainly the one seen meowing. After it determined I was "good" it climbed up me so that I'd hold it (and of course pet it). One worker in the shop reacted as if she'd never seen someone hold the cat that way before.

Anyways, if you're a dog person, I have material for a post I'll tackle one of these days. For now I'll just say it's a more in depth and complicated Chinese story to tell. 

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