Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Truck Riding and Sewer Fireworks

I will soon post a story that continues the series that began with Xiaoxin's first payday in Shanghai and her childhood dreams to eat meat. In the meantime, I'll share a photo and a video that can be (very) loosely tied together.

Today's weather was rather pleasant in Guangzhou. While many had to work at least these guys seemed to have found a way to enjoy it while relaxing outside during a break from their toils:

two men lying on cardboard on the back of a truck in Guangzhou, China
Not going to McDonald's

Scenes such as this are nothing out of the norm in China. While safety may be a concern for the above riders, I will not use this as an opportunity to provide any advice.

But I will share another piece of advice regarding safety: don't throw firecrackers into sewers. It may seem that ignoring this advice could lead to interesting results. In fact it can, and that is exactly the problem. If you are wondering what prompted me to offer such sage advice then watch the video on Youku that can be viewed below. The news story is in Chinese, but the visuals should be sufficient to make my point.

In case you are wondering, the man was sent to the hospital with facial burns and other ailments. Hopefully he fully recovers, and his experience can serve as a valuable lesson for all that fireworks and sewers were not intended to be combined. One can only imagine the other dangers that lurk in the world yet to be discovered.

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