Friday, August 17, 2012

A Brief Stop in Zhuhai on the Way from Macau to Shenzhen

I plan to move on from posting semi-regularly about Macau. Some earlier posts about Macau included:
More recent Macau-related posts can be found here.

Instead of Macau, several upcoming posts will focus on Shenzhen -- a large and rapidly growing city an hour away by ferry across the Pearl River Delta. To serve as a bridge of sorts between Macau and Shenzhen, I will now share a few photos from Zhuhai -- the mainland Chinese city which borders Macau. The first link above discusses the special permission mainland Chinese need to cross the Macau-Zhuhai border. But in this post I will continue a theme from a lighter post about the various types of cycles I saw in Zhuhai.

Like before, there were people who rented tandem bicycles at the "boardwalk" next to the Pearl River Delta:

two young women riding a tandem bicycle in Zhuhai, Guangdong province

Likely due to the change of seasons since my earlier visit to Zhuhai, I saw that some of the motorbike-taxis in the town of Nanping now sported a specially-designed sun/rain umbrella:

motorbike-taxi with bike-umbrella in Zhuhai, China

motorbike-taxi with bike-umbrella in Zhuhai, China

But what most caught my eye during my recent visit was what I believe to be a new bike rental option. Although I had seen a quadracycle before, this four-wheeled vehicle seems deserving of a different name:

a double-bicycle in Zhuhai, China

Two regular bicycles had been connected together to created this vehicle. Maybe it should be called a double-bicycle. Any other ideas?

More soon from Shenzhen, a city that differs from Macau and Zhuhai in many ways.


  1. From the readers perspective, just great new layout Brian. Really foregrounds your photos.

    When you get to Shenzhen, how about some photos of Futian. I like the inside of the library and that Batman horror of the Marriot.

    1. Glad you like the newer layout. I probably will share some photos of Futian but not of those sites. Now I'm curious to check out the library...

  2. Forgot. Your banner photo always reminds me of the food/snack street in Fumin Lu.

  3. Yes, Fumin Lu in Shenzhen just near the subway stop.

    The library is sort of interesting inside, all triangular lines - and it has a lend able English section. (Membership: Passport and 100rmb.) It is opposite the concert hall which I've never visited.