Friday, August 31, 2012

In the Mood for Lunch

The other day in Hong Kong I ate lunch here:

table at the Goldfinch Cafe in Hong Kong

If the scene does not look familiar, maybe this view inside the restaurant (with a clue on the wall) will help:

inside the Goldfinch Cafe in Hong Kong

Or maybe this movie excerpt will stir some memories:

Still not finding the restaurant scene remarkable in any way? Then I highly recommend you watch all of Wong Kar Wai's mesmerizing movie In The Mood for Love. It takes place in 1962 Hong Kong and includes a scene from where I had lunch -- the Cafe de Goldfinch (also known as the Goldfinch Restaurant).

The movie is part of a loose trilogy -- the first movie is Days of Being Wild and the third is 2046 (which also includes Cafe de Goldfinch). Some recommend watching In The Mood for Love first, which is what I did, so feel free to jump right into it. The movies have a pace all their own, and I found repeated watchings are worthwhile for more fully enjoying them. And for those who may not feel compelled to watch a romantic art film, it may be worth pointing out that 2046 also has an element of science fiction.

A meal at Cafe de Goldfinch can be rather enjoyable, even if you have no strong feelings about Wong Kar Wai's movies. Walking inside takes you back to another world in another time that now stands in stark contrast to the surrounding area in Hong Kong's Causeway Bay. The restaurant also offers an opportunity to try Hong Kong's "traditional" Canto-Western style food.

And in case you are wondering, sadly I cannot say I found much romance at Cafe de Goldfinch. But it did provide something else I was in the mood for -- grilled ostrich with a black pepper sauce.

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