Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Mystery Beverage Vending Machine in Macau

soda machine with all selections only marked with a question mark
A mystery beverage vending machine in Macau -- which one would you choose?

I came across the above canned beverage vending machine a couple of years ago at the Macau Fisherman's Wharf -- a theme park that "includes over 150 stores and restaurants in buildings built in the style of different world seaports such as Cape Town, Amsterdam and Venice, six rides, a slots hall, a 72-room hotel, and a casino" (one visit was more than enough for me). Fortunately for anyone who hopes to profit from beverage sales, the machine did not appear to be common elsewhere in Macau. I would expect that in most cases people have little desire to pay for a randomly-selected drink (in this case, some may not have even realized/understood that a drink could be purchased).

But maybe such a machine is appropriate at an entertainment area in a city full of gambling and some people enjoyed the risk or surprise it offered. Maybe not profit but instead amusement was the goal -- anything sold was a bonus. Or maybe the hope was that it would catch people's attention and cause them to more closely examine the Coca-Cola products if offered.

Whatever the case, it certainly caught the attention of me and several other passersby. Though, I did not see anyone make a purchase.

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