Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Another Changsha Bachelor in a Red Bra

Is the young man I saw last week the only bachelor in Changsha, China, to celebrate his upcoming marriage by parading around in a red bra? After tonight I can now answer that question with a definitive "no".

bachelor in Changsha with a painted face and wearing red women's underwear, a red hat, and Chinese flags

The bachelor in the above photo varied the style by wearing a red hat with a symbol for good luck in his marriage, Chinese flags on his back, oranges in his bra, and an attached large carrot. He also carried a portable speaker on his back which allowed him to more loudly proclaim his thoughts. Like the other bachelor, he had a group of comrades supporting his endeavor--one of whom insisted he hold his carrot for this photo. He was attracting a number of onlookers, but at least at this moment, he was not handing out candies or cigarettes.

I'd be curious to know whether the flags most reflect his patriotism, a desire to reduce the chance of interference from anyone who might consider his actions objectionable, or something else. Whatever the case, it's fascinating to see so much "color" being openly displayed in Changsha.

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