Sunday, December 2, 2012

Mario and Mud at Yunifang

staff at Yunifang posing in costumes including Mario from Mario Bros.

I briefly met the above young workers at 御泥坊 (Yunifang), which sells a variety of skin care products, primarily mud masks, for women and men. They were quite happy to have their photo taken. I noticed the manager also encouraged them, and I don't doubt that's connected to some of them posing with the store's products. Until I checked out its website just now, I knew nothing about Yunifang except what I saw during a quick visit to this store after noticing the costumes. You can see the process Yunifang claims to use in making its mud-based products here. The page is in Chinese, but by clicking on the square tiles at the bottom of the page you can see photos of the various stages.

And now you might know the secret to Mario's glowing skin.

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