Wednesday, November 26, 2014

A Rock Pile in Shanghai

The other day I saw a stack of square bricks sitting next to a restaurant's outdoor patio at a mall.

I didn't know whether the person who stacked the bricks had anything spiritual in mind, but they still reminded me of the Tibetan rocks piles I saw next to China's largest lake.

See the Qinghai Lake photos I posted two years ago for more scenes at a place far away in many ways from Shanghai.


  1. An Inushuk, as we call them in Canada?

    1. Interesting! After a quick read, I see that inuksuks (inushuks) may have been used primarily for practical purposes, different from the spiritual purposes of rock piles in Tibetan / Buddhist culture. So I wouldn't call the above an inuksuk in English. I'd be curious to know what an Inuktitut speaker would say though.