Thursday, January 29, 2015

Prepared for a Riot at the Wanda Plaza

This is one of the entrances to the Chongqing Nanping Wanda Plaza shopping mall in Chongqing's Nan'an district:

entrance to the Chongqing Nanping Wanda Plaza

This is one of the mall's riot control supply cabinets:

riot control supplies at the Nanping Wanda Plaza in Chongqing

I saw two of these cabinets, one partially open, along hallways to restrooms. No signs displayed messages forbidding anyone from borrowing a helmet or a shield, both helpfully labeled with "riot control" in Chinese. I refrained from parading through the mall with riot control gear though.

I wondered what types of riots they think could occur someday. I don't remember seeing something like this before in a mall, including the Changsha Kaifu Wanda Plaza. Perhaps other malls store their riot control supplies more discreetly, or I have not happened to notice them.

Anyway, I can report I have seen many shoppers but no signs of riots inside the mall during my recent visits. At least now I know where I can get a helmet if one springs up.


  1. I suspect these gears are more likely intended for situations like the knife rampage in Kunming last year.