Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Scenes from Chaotianmen in Chongqing

Chaotianmen is at the northeastern tip of Chongqing's Yuzhong district where the Jialing River merges with the Yangtze River. With views of the city which have changed significantly in recent years, it is an especially popular destination for tourists, including those who board boats for cruises. Below are photos which capture some of the people there and what they were doing, in addition to the outdoor karaoke I mentioned before, one afternoon. I share these in part because Chaotianmen itself will undergo significant change — a topic for a later post.

Main gate leading from the docks up to Chaotianmen Square
Gate leading from the docks up to Chaotianmen Square

A large portion Chaotiamen Square mostly devoid of people
Chaotiamen Square was not exactly full of people.

man photographing a woman with a mobile phone
But people photographing others could be seen.

young woman using a selfie stick at Chaotianmen Square
As could people photographing themselves

older man with fur cap looking across the river
Taking in the view was a popular choice.

young man sitting on a railing while talking a mobile phone
Some were more occupied with their phones.

visitors and vendors at the tip of Chaotianmen
Looking down at the tip of Chaotianmen one could see more activity around the steps down to the docks.

Vendor at Chaotianmen
Vendors sold a variety of items.

vendor selling pieces made out of wire
Bikes made out of wire was one option.

man selling miniature bikes which could ride in circles
Electric bikes were another option.

vendor at Chaotianmen
Bargaining skills could be useful.

ring toss game
Games were also available.

man drawing a younger woman's portait
Or you could have your portrait drawn.

woman carrying supplies to make food
Mobile vendors were one source of food.

family eating noodles at an outdoor table
Other options for outdoor dining could be found as well.

men looking out at the rivers
Like the square, some people took in the view.

young woman using a mobile phone
And others were more focused on their mobile phone.

inclined lifts at Chaotianmen
Few seemed interested in these no-longer-in-use inclined lifts at the docks.

red three wheeled tax cars
Three-wheeled taxi cars were one way to depart.

Most left by foot on a road along the Yangtze River.

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