Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Baijiu Bridge Blues

elevated highway over a river in Shenyang, China

I hadn't planned on walking under this elevated road, but, as the photo strongly suggests, I did. The walk turned out to be rather interesting — much more interesting than the baijiu museum which had brought me out to this part of Shenyang in the first place. The baijiu museum sold many things. I didn't buy most of them, but I did buy some baijiu. Oddly enough, I drank it too. So here we are.

Despite the title to this post, I have no recent major blues to report. That part just rolled off of a tongue appreciative of alliteration. I was enjoying myself when I took the photo (prior to visiting the baijiu musem), and I am now (after visiting the baijiu museum). I suppose you could say the baijiu museum was just a bridge between those two states. Perhaps the museum inspired the title to a small degree though. More about it another day...

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