Saturday, October 1, 2016

Red Flags Reappear in Mudanjiang

I previously wondered why many of the Chinese and plain red flags surrounding the main entrance to the Guomao Shopping Center in Mudanjiang, which seemingly had been brought out for the upcoming National Day of the People's Republic of China, later disappeared.

Today was National Day and at the Culture Square this afternoon I saw the flags were back. But when I returned about half an hour before the shopping center closed, they were all gone except, like before, the ones atop the main sign. Here is the view from behind the sign early this evening after the others had been removed:

Chinese flags on the main sign for the Guomao Shopping Center (国贸商城) at Culture Square (文化广场) in Mudanjiang, China

No flags were out over a week ago. My theory now is that most of the flags are only brought out for the holiday during the shopping center's opening hours. Perhaps the ones on the sign remain because they are not as easily reached by those who shouldn't be reaching for them. 

I hope this possible answer to such a great mystery helps some people sleep better. Later I will share more photos of this National Day in Mudanjiang. There will be a few more flags . . .

UPDATE: Discussion about whether the description "behind the sign" applies to the above photo and more evidence for the flag removal theory here.

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