Friday, March 30, 2012

Guia Hill in Macau, China

Similar to Jingshan Park in Zhuhai there is an easy way to the top of Guia Hill in Macau:

cable car to top of Guia Hill in Macao

And also similar is that I decided to take the stairs to the top. There I met a couple of birds:

parrot at Guia Hill in Macau

pigeon at top of Guia Hill in Macau

I also saw an interesting bug:

red bug on Guia Hill in Macau

And while enjoying some unique views of Macau:

view of Macau from Guia Hill

view of Macau from Guia Hill

I confirmed that playing with bubbles is not only enjoyable for children:

Two young woman playing with bubbles and another photographing them

But the top of the hill is most famous as the site for the historical Guia Fort which includes this chapel built in 1622 and lighthouse built in 1865 -- both periods during Portugal's long control of Macau:

Chapel and lighthouse at Guia Fort in Macau

Although I very much enjoyed all of the above, it is something else about my visit to Guia Hill that most stands out in my mind. I will share it in the next post.

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