Saturday, March 17, 2012

A Random Bus Trip to Zhuhai's Nanping

I have shared before how I enjoy using a variety of methods, sometimes even following helpful kids or dogs, to more fully explore the world. Yesterday afternoon in Zhuhai, I decided it was time for another semi-random exploration and applied one of my favorite methods. So, I went to this busy city bus stop:

bus stop in Zhuhai, China
A bus stop on Yingbin South Road

And boarded the next bus that arrived:

inside of city bus in Zhuhai, China
The bus filled up at the next stop.

I had no clue where it was going and quite happy about that. After I was seated, a woman approached asking me to pay the appropriate fare. I did not know the amount so she asked me where I was going. I told her I did not know and asked her where the bus was headed.

She paused for a moment and then told me we were on the way to Doumen. I had never heard of Doumen so I told her it sounded fine. She then asked for 4 yuan, or about US 60 cents. That was more than a typical bus fare and I then found out that Doumen was about 1 hour away. Given it was already late in the afternoon I did not want to go so far. So I asked her to recommend a closer stop. She suggested Nanping. Nanping sounded great. And it only cost 2 yuan to go there.

So, I hopped off the bus here in Nanping Village (南屏村) in Zhuhai's Xiangzhou district:

bus on road in Zhuhai, China
Bus heading onward to Doumen without me

I turned around and saw this:

some buildings in Nanping, Zhuhai

After taking a peak inside the internet cafe on the 2nd floor of the nearby building, I headed down a small street that looked interesting to me:

man on tricycle cart in Nanping, Zhuhai

In upcoming posts I will share some of the unexpected discoveries I made during just a few hours in Nanping. It felt like another world from where I had spent most of my previous time in Zhuhai.

For now, I will share just a few photos including older buildings. Such buildings are quickly disappearing in China, and many are full of history. As I will share in a later post, I discovered that some of the buildings even have a story to tell that connects to the 1800s in America's east coast. However, to me the photos are not special just because of the buildings but also because of some of the local life they capture.

older building in Nanping, Zhuhai, China

woman riding bicycle by older buildings in Nanping, Zhuhai, China

older buildings along an alley in Nanping, Zhuhai, China

many sitting behind a sign near some older buildings in Nanping, Zhuhai
The red sign says "New Homes for Rent"

older buildings in Nanping, Zhuhai

older buildings turned into stores in Nanping, Zhuhai, China
Some small stores and a restaurant

older buildings in alley in Nanping, Zhuhai, China

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