Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Shopping District in Nanping, Zhuhai

After arriving in Nanping on a random bus and exploring areas with many older buildings, I noticed this street close to the bus stop:

North Street in Nanping, Zhuhai, China
North Street (北大街)

For a variety of reasons, I am interested in shopping districts so I was especially curious to see what I would find. I will share a video of what followed. Please disregard the shakiness and occasional lack of focus. The video will not win me any awards for its quality, but nonetheless it captures a side of everyday ordinary life that is reminiscent of many other scenes I have encountered in China.

Note: I recommend changing the default video quality to one of the HD settings. You can also watch the HD video here:
"North Road in Nanping, Zhuhai".

The following are a few photos of what I saw after taking the video. Some of them provide a contrast to the scenes in the video and also to the nearby buildings I shared in the earlier post. Several of the areas developed larger crowds later that Friday evening.

shopping district in Nanping, Zhuhai, China

row of games to play along a street in Nanping, Zhuhai, China
Games and prizes

Peng Tai Fashion City in Nanping, Zhuhai, China
Peng Tai Fashion City

three young female shoppers posing for a photo in Nanping, Zhuhai, China
Three shoppers in Peng Tai Fashion City who were eager to say hello

shopping street in Nanping, Zhuhai, China

shopping street in Nanping, Zhuhai, China

numerous small tables for eating alongside a shopping street in Nanping, Zhuhai
Dining alfresco

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