Sunday, March 11, 2012

Rubik's Cube and Cat Painting in Tianjin

One day over a year ago I was walking down a street with several art galleries in Tianjin, China. Most of them did not catch my attention but one had a painting that caused me to stop dead in my tracks. This painting seemed particularly... unique. Especially since it was so prominently displayed, I wondered if the painting was a sign of local "creativity" or something else. In some parts of China it can be relatively easy to find copies of famous and even less-than-famous paintings.

I was in a hurry so I just took a quick photograph before rushing off. I have yet to see anything similar to the painting in other art galleries or anywhere online. Several friends who have seen it have been equally stumped. So, I will share my photograph of the painting here. Maybe someone can recognize it or be more successful in finding a match.

painting in Tianjin, China, of a Rubiks Cube and a cat with differently colored eyes in front of a pathway to a rural house

Also, bonus points if you can explain its symbolism.

More on creativity in China in future posts. I assure you, though, that none of them will involve cats and Rubik's Cubes.


  1. I wonder if a rich cat owner wanted their feline's portrait painted. To me it's perfect Chinese Nouveau Riche tacky.

  2. Myra, so far, nobody I've heard from has been able to identify the painting so your suggestion remains a possibility. And if you're right, I wonder if the painting was waiting for pickup or the cat owner had second thoughts after seeing the results.