Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Scenes of China: Dachang Town, Shanghai

To show more of Shanghai's diversity (earlier posts: an introduction; Xiaonanmen; Xuhui District; Jing'an District; Hongkou District; near the Huangpu River), I will share some photos from Dachang Town. In the south of Baoshan District (map) in northern Shanghai, Dachang Town covers over 27 square kilometers (over 10 square miles) and has a population of over 370,000 (overview of Dachang Town in Chinese)*. Looking at several maps it appears that most (if not all) of my walk was in Qian Creek Village -- just a small part of Dachang Town, which itself is just a part of Baoshan District.

In this post I will highlight some of the sections that appeared to be more recently developed in comparison to other sections that I will later share. The photos are presented in the order I first encountered the scenes.

large statute of a animated rabbit
Standing at one of the exits for the Changzhong Road Subway Station

Sitting under the tree in this housing development

Outdoor reading

Outdoor haircut

Apartments next to a creek

Vegetables for sale

Seafood section of a large indoor market

More vegetables for sale next to the market

Using a mobile phone next to some drying clothes

man carrying a ladder while riding a bike
Ladder transportation


Sidewalk scene

This area included many larger stores and restaurants

Several public areas were in use for roller blading lessons

*The only map I could find showing Dachang Town's borders is in Chinese and from 2007.

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