Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Scenes of China: Northern Jing'an District in Shanghai

This post will continue the theme of highlighting the variety that can be found within Shanghai (earlier posts: an introduction; Xiaonanmen; Xuhui district). Like Xuhui, Jing'an is central district (map) in Shanghai and includes a variety of sections within it. The following photos are from locations not far from Jingan's modern skyscrapers and other areas frequented by foreigners, but some feel like they are in another world. The area between the Hanzhong Road and Changping Road metro stations -- in this case beginning on Puji Road (普济路) and ending further west on Changping Road (昌平路) -- provides a striking contrast with more common pictures of Jing'an, such as seen at the end of its current entry on Wikipedia.

Although I was familiar with many nearby areas, this was the first time I had walked this particular route. It seems there is always something more to discover in Shanghai, or even just in Jing'an.

Looking southeast down the Suzhou River (also know as the Wusong River)

On a bridge looking northeast at Zhabei district

On the same bridge looking southwest into Jing'an District

Various items for sale on the bridge

Scene on Puji Road

Crayfish and other local food

A place for Shanghai's famous shengjian 

Fresh shengjian

Mop and bike on Changping Road

Hanging the clothes out to dry in the "fresh" air

Man watching the scene below him (and probably me)

A variety of architectural styles and vehicles

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