Sunday, July 15, 2012

Two Sides of Shanghai's Huangpu River

On Friday I had an late afternoon appointment that brought me to a taller building in Shanghai's central Huangpu district. To provide a quick look at some more areas of Shanghai (earlier posts: an introduction; Xiaonanmen; Xuhui district; Jing'an district; Hongkou district) I will share the view it provided across the Huangpu River to Lujiazui in Pudong district and just a few other photos from that overcast day:

Office with a view

On the other side of the pedestrian bridge in the photo above is a station for a form of public transportation often neglected by visitors to Shanghai -- a ferry. But before going there I visited a nearby collection of restaurants and bars called the Cool Docks. It includes refurbished buildings from Shanghai's past. Here is some of of what can be found in a section that is behind the main scenes:

3 people and a cat

Although there was plenty to keep one entertained, the nearby ferry beckoned:

A Shanghai ferry

There appears to be more stations in the ferry network than the first time I rode one in Shanghai about 7 years ago. But the route I took to Lujiazui still costs only 2 RMB (about 30 U.S. cents).

On the other side of the Huangpu River I was soon greeted by this sight in Lujiazui:

The heights of Shanghai

The buildings on the left are two of the tallest in the world. The building on the right will eventually tower over them (see here for a view from the building in the middle).

Finally, to balance off all of those earlier photos of unauthorized Apple stores, here is a photo including the entrance to one of the genuine Apple Stores in China.

Superbrand Mall on the far left, circular pedestrian bridge in the center, and Oriental Pearl Tower towards the right

The photo was taken from a rooftop patio at the Shanghai IFC mall -- one of the numerous buildings that did not exist in this rapidly developing area when I first came to Shanghai.

That is all. Soon I will share some photos from another district in Shanghai that will provide quite a contrast to the above scenes.


  1. What's the taller building right behind the Super Brand Mall (on the left from the Oriental Pearl Tower )? I am looking for its name. Thanks