Sunday, July 29, 2012

The Narrow Streets and Alleys of the Macau Penisula

Far (in Macanese terms) from Macau's Coloane Village, the northernmost region of Macau sits on a peninsula connected to the Chinese city of Zhuhai. Macau Peninsula includes a number of casinos and historical areas frequented by visitors, including Guia Hill, but I most enjoy meandering through its numerous narrow streets and alleys. Based on where I have been in the past, sometimes they can feel somewhat like Tapei and othertimes somewhat like Madrid. However, its mix of Cantonese and Portuguese cultures, which can be felt in so many ways, sets Macau apart from anywhere else. It is simply a Macanese experience.

intersection of narrow streets in Macau

Portuguese style buildings in Macau

back street in Macau

narrow street in Macau

pedestrian alley in Macau

motorbike on street in Macau

narrow buildings in Macau

ramp from an elevated road Macau

street market in Macau

older buildings in Macau

street along a temple in Macau


  1. Good to be back online and a regular look in.

    Tremendous photos Brian which make me wish I visited Macau when I had the opportunity.

    Scooters rule.

    1. Thanks. Macau is definitely worth a visit if you are ever back in the neighborhood. And Taiwan seems to have an even greater fondness for scooters.