Wednesday, August 13, 2014

A Chinese Hair Accessory Brand With a Genuine Name

Like the Chinese clothing brand Weles, a Chinese brand of hair accessories with stores in a number of Chinese cities indicates its products are also sold outside of China in places such as Europe and the U.S. Unlike Weles, what attracted me to the brand was not a slogan. Instead, my interest in puns caused me to appreciate the non-Chinese name of 斐卡瑞 (Fěikǎruì) when I passed one of its stores in Shanghai.

storefront signs with the hair accessory brand name "Fayekerry"

Whether or not the pun was intended, if any of their products appeal to you, a list of their stores should help you find a genuine Fayekerry in China.


  1. Hi Brian,

    do you have an idea, how I can contact a faykerry store online? Per email maybe? I'm from germany and the hair clips looks very nice. I want to buy one... or two.. :)

    It would be great, if you have an idea to help me! :)


    1. Ah, a fan of Fayekerry . . .

      Sina, you can find their contact info, including emails, here. Enjoy!

    2. Thank you Brian!

      Unfortunately, the email-addresses do not work. Maybe I need a msn messager?


    3. MSN Messenger no longer exists, and I'm not sure it would help even if it did. The only other online option I can think of is try emailing them through their QQ accounts — put the QQ number in front of for the address.