Monday, August 4, 2014

Fourteen Changde Street Scenes

To provide a look at some everyday scenes in a yet another city not known to many outside of China, below are some street scenes, including a pedestrian street, from Changde, Hunan. Like a set of scenes from Yangjiang I earlier shared, it suits my purposes that locals would likely consider many of them to be mundane.

My time in Changde was briefer than planned, but I managed to cover much ground in less than three, mostly overcast, days. Regardless, I saw only a small portion of two urban districts, and the photos are just a small taste of a prefecture-level city with more than 5 million people.

people walking down a narrow street in Changde

tree-lined street in Changde

man riding a motorbike on a wide street

man crossing a busy rod

girl riding in the back of a tricycle cart crossing a street in Changde

bus driving through an intersection in Changde

a red auto-rickshaw on a street

man riding a motorbike on the sidewalk portion of a bridge

people walking on a pedestrian street in Changde

alley in Changde

two women riding a motorbike in Changde

pedestrian bridge over a large intersection with a KFC at RT Mart in Changde

bus parked on the side of a road next to a shopping center in Changde

people near a merry-go-round on a pedestrian street in Changde

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