Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Motorbikes on a Bridge's Sidewalks in Changde

A photo of a bridge crossing a river in a set of Changde street scenes may have left some readers with questions.

man riding a motorbike on a bridge's pedestrian sidewalk

So . . .

Yes, the areas on either side of the road appear to be sidewalks designed for pedestrians. The common-in-China tactile guideway in their centers—for blind pedestrians and not motorbikes—is one clear sign.

Yes, I saw a number of other motorbikes on the bridge's sidewalks during my two crossings.

man riding a motorbike on a bridge's pedestrian sidewalk

Yes, motorbike riders used the bridge's road as well.

motorbikers using the road on a bridge

During rush hour, motorbike traffic was especially heavy and there was a regular stream of people pushing their motorbikes up stairway ramps to use the sidewalk.

people pushing motorbikes up a steep stairway ramp

Notably, using the stairs and sidewalk provided a shorter route to the bridge from some locations, since the bridge's roadway could only be accessed at a point much farther away.

Finally, no, unlike the signs at a bridge Chengdu, I did not see any signs indicating whether or not any of this was allowed. Whatever the case, it isn't quite like driving a car across a pedestrian bridge.

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