Monday, August 11, 2014

A Women's Clothing Brand Acting Its Role in China

Weles (威兰西) is a Chinese women's clothing brand based in Fujian province. What first caused me to take a closer look at Weles was a sign hanging inside a department store in Hengyang, Hunan.

Banner ad for Weles (威兰西) with the advertising slogan 'Act my role" hanging inside a department store in Hengyang, China

I am still pondering the advertising slogan "Act my role".

Whatever meaning one finds in the slogan, according to Weles the brand's name was inspired by the American actor and director Orson Welles. And the Weles website currently features images of a Caucasian female and includes nonfunctional icons for several online services popular elsewhere but blocked in China—Twitter, Facebook, and Google+.

screen capture of photos of a woman and icons for social media on the Weles website

Weles appears to want to project a Western image and at least imply it is known in Western markets. It certainly would not be the only Chinese brand with such goals—a topic I will touch on again in the future.

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