Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Last post for this past week at Fallows' blog

My last post at James Fallows' blog is here:  Thanks and Some More Scenes from Yulin.

It was a fantastic experience to guest blog there.  It really kept me on my toes to know that what I posted would be seen by a very sophisticated and international audience.

I should note that Jim made it clear to all of us guest bloggers that we were free to post on whatever we wanted.  He had no idea what I would post about, although given our prior discussions I'm sure he assumed much of it would be about China and technology.  In fact, I later discovered even I didn't know what I would post about.  Prior to the week I had a set of ideas, but as time went on new experiences or thoughts caused a few unexpected posts to appear.  For example, the post on "Tiger Mother" methods came to me as I was walking through a park and saw the scenes depicted in the post.

I found it interesting that in thanking my week's guest bloggers and introducing the next he singled out my post Fugues.  It was probably one of the more personal posts I had written, and I was happy to get the extra attention for my friend James, a very unique and talented musician, who had unwittingly made the perfect video to highlight my point.

Anyways, I deeply appreciate the opportunity Jim provided me.  I learned a lot.

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