Monday, February 14, 2011

More on "Google, China, and Chinese College Students.

PC Screen of College Student in Harbin, Heilongjiang

Here is my series of posts at James Fallows' blog: "Google, China, and Chinese College Students"  Part I, Part II, Part III

As I wrote on Fallows' blog, I think it is an intriguing topic which crosses Chinese culture, politics, and technology.  The situation is certainly broader than what I covered and there is much more to say (for example, additional reasons Google may have lost ground to Baidu), but I think what I shared helps provide a further understanding of the situation.

I'll probably say more on the topic later as I receive comments on the piece.  It's a story with many threads and, like many issues in China, I look forward to evolving my understanding of the situation.

[Added note:  Clarifications and additional thoughts for the above series of posts can be found here and here.  A condensed version of the above focusing on the impact of Hillary Clinton's speech can be found here.]

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