Sunday, February 20, 2011

Shaolin Athletics

A lighter post for the weekend...

The Shaolin Monastery in Henan is famous worldwide for its martials arts, most specifically Shaolin Kung Fu.

Shaolin Monastery in Henan

The monastery is full of beautiful and historic sites.  Not surprisingly, for many people the highlight of the visit is watching a masterful display of martial arts.

martial arts show at the Shaolin Monastery in Henan

I was duly impressed and enjoyed my walk around the monastery grounds.  However, when I looked down the side of one of the buildings I saw something quite unexpected.

basketball game at the Shaolin Monastery in Henan

Even at a place most famous for its rich Chinese tradition, there is evidence for the immense popularity of basketball in China.  I wonder if similar to many foreigners who visit Shaolin these players would find significance in attending an NBA game in the US.  I suspect so...

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