Sunday, May 22, 2011

Cats in Sichuan, China

[Post in memory of a friend's dear kitty]

While having a pet has become more popular in China, especially in more prosperous cities, in many parts of China having a cat as a pet doesn't seem to be as common as it is in the US.  And if people have a cat, it can solely for pragmatic reasons such as catching rodents.  So, if an American cat lover visited many homes in China they may feel like something was missing.

However, the cities of Zigong and Neijiang in Sichuan province seemed to differ from many other similar cities I've explored in China.  I noticed a curious number of people with cats as pets.

I'll share what I saw to document my observations for posterity (and provide entertainment for any readers who are cat lovers).  Here are a handful of the cats I saw in the two cities:

Working at the fruit shop

Guarding the trash can (owners are in a shop on other side of the sidewalk)

Mother keeping watch (somewhat) over the kittens

Hanging out on the roof

Outside the honey store

Another shop cat

The bra & panties cat

Restaurant cat

Fresh meat for dinner

Dog lovers, fear not, a "dogs in China" post is in the works.  Though, it will be a bit more... complex.

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