Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Update on Missing Post

Time for a a brief update on the still-missing post "Mobile Phones in China: A Variety of Options" (see here for previous update). I want to keep the topic fresh particularly for when people come to this blog's main page after seeing the "Page not found" message.

One sign of progress is that the combo-label with the curious number boxes on the "Posting - Edit Posts" panel (see here for description) has gone away.

I know as of this past weekend I was not the only person still missing a post.  I also saw on Twitter that some people were finding their posts replaced as late as the end of last week (at least that is when they found them, I'm not 100% sure when they actually reappeared). I will take it as a sign Blogger is still working on the issue.

I'm hoping for a general announcement from Blogger or a reply to any of my attempts (using a variety of methods) to report the issue. Even a "hey, we've lost it, sorry, how about we ship you a free box of cookies?" would be appreciated (note: those chocolate-mint girl scout cookies would be great -- can't get them in China).

Anyways, hopefully I can end my meta-posts soon.

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