Monday, May 30, 2011

China Scenes: Neijiang, Sichuan

Been a while since I've done a "scenes" post so here we go...

Neijiang is a city is southern Sichuan province that's definitely off the path for most, foreigners or Chinese.  I've already featured it in my post about cats in Sichuan and it will later appear in a post about rabbits -- though with a different twist.  The city it at an intersection of highways connecting the much larger cities of Chengdu, Chongqing, and Kunming which is what brought me there.

Although the city definitely had its charms, one thing I particularly recall is that I had a faster than normal connection to the Internet and fewer challenges using my VPN to get through China's Great Firewall.  I have no idea if it was related to my hotel, the city, or something else but it was a welcomed change of pace.  Thanks, Neijiang.


Vegetable market

At Shengshui Temple

Tuo River


Zongzi (glutinous rice with other goodies wrapped in leaves) for sale

Crossing the bridge

Working at a large market (she requested to have her photo taken)

Selection of items available at one the street-side restaurants that setup at night

An ordinary alley

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