Thursday, May 26, 2011

WOW! A Cool Android Ad in China!

So, my efforts to get a response from Blogger about my still missing post (and insightful comment by a reader) have not been very successful.  I'll try one last approach...

Look at this photo I took today of a fascinating advertisement in Chengdu, Sichuan!!!

Ad for Sony Ericsson Android mobile phone
"My Android Loves To Sing" -- I bet it would really love to sing about my post returning!

Isn't the photo so cool that you want to forward this post to say... at least 300 people?!?  Then Google will say "Wow, such wonderful free online advertising for Android.  We gotta get that guy's missing post up pronto or let him know what's going on!"

Can't miss, eh?

Anyways, come Thursday afternoon China time I'll replace the missing post myself.  If I've gone nearly two weeks without my post reappearing and almost as long without any word from Blogger well... disappointing but life must move on.  I now need the post up as some future posts will build on it.

Plus, I'm getting tired of the "missing" theme.

Note to readers:  I suppose this may be a form of "selling out" (though I would be stunned if this actually had an effect and it's more about adding some humor to the situation).  If I ever did so I would note it (or be explicit about it like here).  I've never received (nor expected) any compensation (such as money or freebies) from any company (such as StarbucksDairy Queen or WiTopia) for posting about them.

Note to any Google folks who are readers:  I understand there may be little you can personally do about my predicament and it may be frustrating to read about it.  Having worked at Microsoft I am particularly used to being on the receiving end of a lot of "suggestions" and appreciate the complexities of both the technological & business aspects of situations such as this one.  Regardless, as a user experience researcher I also appreciate the value in hearing from one's users.  I am not bashful in expressing some of my own experiences/viewpoints partly in the hope they can be helpful in creating services/products that are more useful/usable/desirable and also more profitable.  Keep up what I suspect is most excellent work on your projects.  Glad to have you as readers.


  1. I know you must have thought about using Wordpress on a self-hosted web hotel. I can hereby recommend it, although you have obviously done lots of work already using Blogger and I'm not sure about migration hereto. The advantage is that you have control over backups, updates, software, everything. No more missing posts (provided it's a good webhotel). Otherwise, just chalk this up as another "suggestion".

  2. I made a rather self-effacing comment about how I am sure Google was doing the best they could, but that it could be worth considering a Wordpress blog on a self-hosted web hotel if your posts keep disappearing. Then, Google promised that after I logged in my comment would go through. So I was prompted to log in and..... my comment disappeared! So I am hereby removing the self-effacingness from my comment.

  3. Jaems, thanks for the suggestion and the report of your problem.

    I've received a couple emails in the past from other people saying they thought Blogger lost their comment. I initially assumed it was a design issue of Blogger not informing people that comments had to be "approved" prior to appearing. However, I also see a lot of recent Tweets about problems commenting on Blogger blogs and Blogger has acknowledged the issue (see here).

    Right now I am eagerly waiting to try the new Blogger interface that is currently being rolled out. There are several things I really like about Blogger and I'm curious to see the updates. I'm also hopeful it addresses the comment issues.

    Will see...

  4. It was a design thing. After you log in, they say that your comment has been queued for moderation, but then they give you a new blank comment box, so the first thing I think is that the comment is boogered. Might be just me, but the new blank box threw me.

  5. Thanks for the feedback. Very interesting and I suspect it's not just you. I don't believe I have any control over that part of the design (will double check). If not, I will share your experience in a Blogger forum or something.

    I may also later write a post about this as it raises some interesting user experience research/design issues.