Sunday, September 16, 2012

A Chinese Painting of a Wall and Misfortune

Yesterday I visited the University Museum and Art Gallery (before 1994 known as the Fung Ping Shan Museum) at the University of Hong Kong. One of the the pieces that most caught my eye was a 1992 painting by Wei Guangqing (魏光慶) from his Red Wall series (紅牆系列). A brief informational note translated the Chinese words on it, 人禍勿喜, as "Don't rejoice at other's misfortune". The note also stated:
Born [in 1963] in Huangshi, Hubei province, Wei is Associate Professor at Hubei Institute of Fine Arts. He graduated in oil painting at the Zhejiang Academy of Fine Arts in 1985.
I am still pondering the painting:

What are your thoughts about it?

You can read some background and other people's thoughts on Wei's Red Wall series here and here. You can see some other examples of Wei's art here.

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