Sunday, September 9, 2012

Some S&M While Shopping in Shenzhen

At Shenzhen's Dongmen shopping area I saw a variety of people. Some of those people particularly caught my attention, whether because of how they were cutting metal or selling cucumber slicers. However, most did not receive any second glances from other passersby. But one person I saw definitely caused a number of second (and third) glances:

芙蓉面姐 dressed in S&M style at Dongmen in Shenzhen

I have seen many things in China, but I had never before seen someone strolling around a shopping area while apparently advocating sadomasochism -- as evidenced by his outfit and the letters shaved out of his hair. The attention he received seemed to be exactly what he was hoping for:

芙蓉面姐 dressed in S&M style with a sign on his back at Dongmen in Shenzhen

The prominent sign on his back includes the name 芙蓉面姐 along with what is presumably his number on QQ, a popular online service in China for social networking and more.

Several of my Chinese friends did not recognize him. But after a quick online search I am confident there is a story worth telling. Much is still fuzzy to me, though, so I will just mention that he seems to have made appearances elsewhere, whether at a sex culture festival in nearby Foshan or at another shopping district in far-away Shenyang. Also, his name's similarity to an earlier Internet sensation in China, 芙蓉姐姐 (Sister Lotus), is hard not to notice.

For now, that is all. I may share more later if I hear from anyone who has anything to add about this intriguing example of individual expression in China.


  1. No nipple rings, though. What is the state of body piercing in mainland China?

    1. Astute observation. I'm not the best person to ask about body piercing in China. I can just say that ear piercings for females seem to be common.

    2. Body piercings are very rare. You mind find a nose ring in girls on occasion.