Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Hetoupu Villiage in Zhuhai, Guangdong Province

Hetoupu (河头埔) was the first village I came across during my walk after a recent random bus ride that took me to northern Zhuhai. As far as I can tell, Hetoupu has not received much attention. In fact, this may be the first blog post in English to ever mention it.

On that Saturday afternoon I did not see many people about -- possibly due to the hot weather and intense sun. Although a small spiritual offering, a pair of friendly locals, a large spider, and one of the neighborhood dogs are included in the following photos, most capture disappearing styles of architecture that now coexist with more modern (and some would say more mundane) buildings. I have no idea how much longer the older buildings may last and wish I could provide some commentary on their history. The least I can do is to "preserve" and share some of them here.

details of older buildling in Hetoupu, Zhuhai, China

older building in Hetoupu, Zhuhai, China

alley in Hetoupu, Zhuhai, China

older building and newer apartment complex in Hetoupu, Zhuhai, China

dog in Hetoupu, Zhuhai, China

older building in Hetoupu, Zhuhai, China

religious offering in Hetoupu, Zhuhai, China

building in a tropical setting in Hetoupu, Zhuhai, China

spider on brick wall in Hetoupu, Zhuhai, China

older building in Hetoupu, Zhuhai, China

alley with motorbikes in Hetoupu, Zhuhai, China

detailes around a door in Hetoupu, Zhuhai, China


  1. Wow... Beautiful pictures. One of these days, when I finally learn a bit more of the language, I want to travel to China and just wander, staying away from the more "touristy" locations.

  2. I like your description of today's architecture! Our "modern" buildings of today are very mundane. These pictures you took are beautiful. I love these old style structures. I hope you can learn about the history of this area, and if you do, please post it! I'd love to read about it. Thank you for taking these pictures and posting them!

  3. Thanks for the comments and glad you enjoyed the photos. I highly recommend wandering in China if you have a chance. I just posted some scenes from a similar nearby village, also not at all touristy: Beishan Village in Northern Zhuhai, Guangdong Province.