Thursday, September 6, 2012

Luxury Shopping in Shenzhen at the MixC

The MixC is Shenzhen's largest shopping mall and includes a number of stores for well-known luxury brands. It also includes Shenzhen's largest movie theater, an Olympic sized indoor ice skating rink, and a high-end supermarket with a variety of international foods. Unlike the Dongmen shopping area, what the MixC offers is nowhere near what the vast majority of people in China see or can afford when they go shopping. Nevertheless, the MixC and several other malls in Shenzhen represent the recent growth in the demand for luxury goods in a number of cities in China.

A visit to the MixC provides a different perspective from what is often found in reports of China's failed malls, in particular the world's largest but mostly empty mall in nearby Dongguan. I have seen my fair share of malls in China with floors of empty retail space, and I later I will share my thoughts on what they may and may not represent. For now, I will share some photos I took at the MixC, most during a quiet Monday afternoon. Like many malls in China, it is far from empty.

A small portion of the MixC which overpasses a road

Some of the mall's 6 levels

A Calvin Klein Jeans store at the MixC in Shenzhen
Despite appearances, you can buy shirts here.

The Olympic-sized ice skating rink and a nearby McDonald's

Dior store at the MixC in Shenzhen, China
If you like Dior for yourself...

children clothes for sale at the MixC in Shenzhen, China can consider Baby Dior and similar brands for your children.

Rolls Royce displayed at the MixC in Shenzhen, China
In case purchasing a Rolls Royce is a possibility for you, one is conveniently on display.

Entrance to Shenzhen's largest movie theater

A window display at Louis Vuitton

two levels of stores at the MixC in Shenzhen, China
And when you need a break from shopping...

...there are numerous restaurants to choose from.
This is the simplylife Café Bakery. I can recommend the thin crust pizzas and the chocolate truffle cake.

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