Sunday, September 2, 2012

Metal Cutting in Shenzhen

What can you do with one arm behind your back?

man cutting metal without any safety equipment in Shenzhen, China
At Dongmen in Shenzhen, China

I have seen many similar scenes of metal cutting or welding in China where safety precautions common elsewhere are not always practiced (though I have seen some hints of change in cities such as Shanghai). I am not a metal cutting expert, but I doubt it is wrong to say "don't try this at home". Or really anywhere.

For those who are concerned about my own safety, the above is a cropped version of the photo. I did not get as close as it may suggest. Regardless, such is sometimes the fun of walking the sidewalks of China.


  1. This is not specific to China, Brian. When I was in South Korea in 2000, friends and I had our health and safety competition.

    The best example of an idiotic activity liable to result in serious injury or death won a carton of beer. I had two killer entries both involving risks to children and was dead certain that the booze was mine. Twas not to be. My NZ friend came up with an entry which left my entries in the dust.

    1. Definitely wasn't claiming that this is specific to China. "Elsewhere" was not intended to equal "everywhere but China".

      Two questions. 1. What were the entries? 2. What was your preferred beer in 2000 South Korea?

  2. It is probably good that he kept his hand back, but no boots near the sparks is a little scary. I can't say I am any smarter though - once I welded with only socks on and a piece of metal splatter burned through my sock and gave me a HOT FOOT! W.C.C.