Monday, January 7, 2013

A Mosque and Islamic Arts in Kuala Lumpur

Today was a longer than expected travel day. Such is life when a bus breaks down and you have to wait for another to show up. Fortune also has it that the hotel in my new location has chosen this week to upgrade their Internet. But at least there are some nearby cafes with wifi.

So, another light post...

This past weekend I stopped by the National Mosque of Malaysia in Kuala Lumpur.

National Mosque of Malaysia in Kuala Lumpur

However, I could  not visit inside due to restrictions.

sign at entrance to National Mosque of Malaysia saying Closed for Non-Muslim Tourists

Fortunately, the Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia was nearby. The fusion of artistic styles seen in the section of Islamic art from China particularly caught my attention.

vases and incense burners with Chinese and Islamic designs

More later on Malaysia's rich mixture of cultures. For now, I will return to my Internet-less room. It will be like the old days.


  1. You don't see the Sistine Chapel closed to non-Christian tourists, now do you? Of course when the muslims take it from them it will be close TO Christians.

    1. I enjoyed my visit to the Sistine Chapel over a decade ago. It wasn't during the main tourist season, so I was able to soak in the artwork without being rushed through (which at the time I was told could happen). I don't know what group you are referencing when you write "the muslims". There are many different types and groups of Muslims in the world, and I'm not aware of a way in which they all coordinate together. Regardless, I have no idea why you expect any of them will take control of the Sistine Chapel.